PhSmarte 1000 Jr. Removes Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, and VOC’s and is available Single Stage and Multi Stage systems. Both systems include our PhSmarte 1000 Electronic Descaling Technology. Enjoy Alkaline Spring Quality Water in Every Faucet and protect your home from Hard Water Scale Damage.

Single Stage System

  • KDF/Catalytic Carbon Filter
  • Removes Chlorine and Chemicals
  • Removes VOCs and Heavy Metals
  • Easy Quick Change Filters
  • Change Filters Annually
  • 1 Inch Porting for Good Flow Rates
  • Pressure Gauge to Monitor Flow
  • Supplies Alkaline Natural Spring Water in Every Faucet

Multi-Stage Filtration

  • Can Custom Design for Multiple Water Problems
  • Arsenic Filters
  • Fluoride Filters
  • Sulfur Filters (H2S)
  • Calcite Filters
  • FDK/Catalytic Carbon Filters
  • Change Filters Annually