Step 1: The Whole House Bacteriostatic Filtration System



The water is first directed through a 3-Stage Bacteriostatic Whole House Filtration System designed to remove Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and VOC’s.


  • Clack WS1-TC (1 inch) backwashing control valve
  • Patented “MediaGuard” KDF Distributor
  • Distributor keeps medias separate
  • Absolutely no mixed medias
  • High energy catalytic carbon
  • Catalytic carbon lasts 600% Longer than coconut shell carbon
  • Patented Vortech Technology which uses 30% water to clean the media 80% better


The Patented Media Guard Distributor separates the KDF and Carbon inside the tank for better filtration. KDF media is 8 times heavier than carbon. A lot of our competitors mix or blend carbon & KDF.  After the first backwash of the system the KDF falls to the bottom of the tank and is useless in the water filtration process. We also add 20 lbs. of KDF inside the Patented Distributor.  Our competitors, when mixing or blending the two medias, can only use 4 lbs.


The PhSmarte 5000 uses High Capacity Catalytic Carbon. Catalytic Carbon is absolutely the highest grade of carbon in the world and out performs Coconut Shell Carbon by over 600%.

It has 300% more Filtration Platelets and lasts 600% longer than Coconut Shell Carbon.


The PhSmarte 5000 uses patented Vortech Technology which uses 30% less water to clean the media 80% better.  Vortech is the most Innovative and Efficient Water Distribution System in the Water Treatment Industry.


Watch How the PhSmarte 5000 Filter Works.

Step 2: PhSmarte 5000 Hard Water Descaler




The water then leaves the Whole House Bacteriostatic Filtration System and flows into the PhSmarte 5000 Electronic Scale Prevention (ESP) Descaler.


  • Uses Impulse Technology
  • One piece design
  • Protects pipes, water heater, and appliances
  • Separates Water Binders such as Silica, Alumina and Sulfate from hardness in water.


Water Hardness (Calcium Bi-Carbonate) and Water Binders (Calcium Sulfate, Alumina & Silica) combine to increase water hardness scaling inside water heaters, plumbing & appliances.

These binders hold together the calcium molecules and increase their hard water scaling capability as much as 60%. It is important to separate the hard sticky calcium bi-carbonate from these water binders. Water pressure creates turbulence inside the conductivity chambers. As the water passes through these chambers it causes the binders to break away. The calcium is now exposed, preparing it for the next process.

The Calcium Bi-Carbonate (Sticky) is exposed to 5000 low voltage computer controlled electronic impulses per second which are applied in the conductivity chambers. This changes the molecular structure of the calcium molecule from a hard (Sticky) bicarbonate form to a more efficient (Non Sticky) soluble form known as Calcium Carbonate or Aragonite.
Aragonite cannot scale when heated in your water and doesn’t stick to the inner walls of your plumbing & appliances. The PhSmarte 5000 is Whole House Protection from damaging hard water scale. Aragonite is also very healthy to drink as the molecule absorbs to tissues inside your body.

The PhSmarte 5000 eliminates the use of salt or potassium. There is no need for a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System under your sink. Reverse Osmosis System removes 97% of the Beneficial Minerals you need for good health.

These photos of the calcium molecule before and after the application of the Impulse Technology were taken with an electron microscope.

Figure 1 shows the coarse crystallized structure of calcium bicarbonate (hard). This crystal is what adheres itself to the inner walls of plumbing and fixtures, causing calcium scaling. 

Figure 2 shows aragonite, calcium carbonate (soft). Notice the change that occurred to the molecular structure. Aragonite is a finer particle which is non-adherent to the inner walls of plumbing and fixtures. These particles form a talc-like powder which is soluble, allowing the nutrients to remain in your water in a bio-absorptive form.

The PhSmarte 5000 system features a unique all-in-one housing containing the stainless steel chamber and control module.

• Binders increase scale more than 60%
• Proven Technology for 30 years
• Leaving Beneficial Minerals in the water is a healthy solution
• Nothing imparted into the water


  • Uses No Salt Or Potassium

  • No Maintenance

  • No Filters to Change

  • No Need for a Reverse Osmosis

  • No TAC Media (Template Assistance Crystalization)
  • Reduces Hard Water Scale

  • Removes Chemicals & Chlorine

Drink, shower & do laundry with bottled quality Alkaline Spring Water
from every faucet in your home!

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