What is the PhSmarte 1000 like?
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“Thank you EarthSmarte Water! I have very sensitive skin and was always irritated and dry with our old salt system, No longer, my skin feels great and I am so pleased with the fact that my water is so clean and I no longer have to wrestle with salt bags. My water tastes great, smells fresh and I have enjoyed every drop from every faucet. I had great concerns about tap water for my family and my dogs. All is good now. Thank you so much.”

Lisa H, EarthSmarte Water of Las Vegas Customer

“We just had the PhSmarte 1000 system installed by EarthSmarte Water. Could not be happier! The water tastes sooo good, and no more slimy feel that we experienced, with our saltwater softener, when taking a shower. We’ve even noticed that our clothes and towels are coming out of the laundry much softer.

We also feel good that we are no longer dumping saltwater back into the environment, and won’t have to spend so much money on the water used in recycling the softener or salt to replenish it. And, no filters to change often as with R/O systems.

The owner, Terry Denton, responded right away and did a fabulous job of explaining the entire process to us. We even bombarded him with text questions over the weekend, not expecting an answer until the next week, but he answered every question immediately.

We have Johnson Utility water, here in SE Phoenix, and it has always tasted bad. After installation of the new system, the water tastes even better than bottled water from every tap in the house.

The installer was very professional, on time, and explained everything he was doing. And, when he finished, it was as if nothing had been done. He was meticulous about the “clean up”.

Would definitely recommend the system to anyone looking to get rid of salty water or the “dead water” offered by R/O systems. We’re getting the minerals we need with none of the issues of hard water.”

Gary C, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer

“We recently had our second water system installed by Terry. Our original system was in the Valley, which we loved. So, when we needed a system in the White Mts, we contacted Terry again. The water smelled and tasted bad, but its been taken care of.

The best part of the system is that we have drinking water from every faucet. Additionally we love the fact there’s no maintenance other than to reset the clock. We highly recommend Terry and his company and the EarthSmarte water system.”

Dennis V, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer

“My husband and I retired and moved to Arizona. We knew nothing about water filter systems but, we knew we needed a filter system. We got a referral to this company. This filter system gives us good tasting water. It does not require salt or anything else to add to it. It is good to go when installed. Terry and his son did an awesome job to inform us on the system and the installation too!! We are happy with this water filter system. It is great!”

Ron & Serena G, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customers

“We met the guys of EarthSmarte Water at the Denver Home Show this year. We had them over one day and they installed the whole-home filtration system the very next business day! We have had the descaler and filter for over a month now and we couldn’t be happier with it! No salt, no filter change, no maintenance! We love having quality drinking water in all the faucets of the house. Their customer care is excellent! From the sales person to the plumber, they were all very nice and answered all our questions.”

Ana & Tracy B, EarthSmarte Water of Greater Denver Customers

“When we moved from the Colorado mountains to Austin, TX, we went from having some of the best water in the world to water that not only tasted bad, but also left grungy residue in our bathrooms and pipes. Initially, we signed up for a water delivery which gave us better drinking water but did not help with the rest of our water issues. It was also an administrative hassle and we soon grew tired of lugging the heavy bottles around. We were more than ready to explore alternatives, but did not want to trade our water cooler for the expense and maintenance involved with the commonly used salt-based equipment.

When Don approached us, we liked what he told us about this maintenance-free system and have been very happy with it. He tested it for us before and after the install, and the difference is remarkable. No more chlorine taste, a noticeable difference on our skin when taking showers and the wonderful convenience of being able to simply turn on a faucet and have healthful water! Not until we had our previous water cooler did we realize how much water we used that was NOT purified – cooking, laundry, ice cubes, showering, brushing our teeth, etc. Another big plus is that the build-up in our water pipes which has been accumulating for 11 years is now gradually being dissolved. Add to that the convenience of having a single piece of equipment instead of the multiple pieces required by some other systems, 15 years of no maintenance, and a highly competitive price, and our decision was an easy one. We can wholeheartedly recommend this equipment for anybody wishing to improve the quality of their water.”

Ilka M, EarthSmarte Water of Central Texas Customer

Installation was great the only improvement would be if they had sealed up around the piping cut into the garage. We have enjoyed the water and noticed a difference in the hard water issues clearing up.

Charles S, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

Great product and fast, professional installation. Easy to use and the water tastes great and no more hard water stains

Tom B, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

From start to finish and including the price point our experience with EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix was terrific…We’ve shared our experience with good friends who’ve also purchased a system and they too have been more than satisfied with the performance of the system and the end result of having clean purified water at our disposal 24/7…The Installation took less than an hour and that included a 15 to 20 minute indoctrination of expectations and what we needed to follow-up with to assure us of the maximum benefits of the system

Jim C, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

Sales representative Michele is genuine and outstanding in every regard! Her incredible knowledge, communication and customer service is exemplary. I love my EarthSmarte water purification system and recommend every chance I get!!

Marjae H, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

Great product and great service. We love our whole house filtration system by EarthSmarteWater. Tastes great, chlorine, high PH, and we get that from every faucet in our house. Salesman and owner were great.

Glen L, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer

I have been very satisfied and recommending to other new neighbors.

Chris L, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

Overall good experience!

Roger O, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

The system, Smart PH1000, has been installed a little less than a year and it performs exactly how it was represented. Our water tasted horrible prior to installation but now it taste great! It has required no maintenance thus far. We are really enjoying this system because it is a full house system. Not just for drinking water. I would highly recommend this product.

Daniel W, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

Ready for the PhSmarte 1000 in your house?

Quick and easy, love the water!

Richard M, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Renown

We absolutely love our water treatment system!

We’ve had it for two years now and I can’t imagine ever being without it. We never leave the house without our refillable stainless steel bottles of this pure, healthy, delicious, water. Besides the amazing taste, it’s reassuring to know, with all the contaminants being found in water supplies all over the country, we can relax, knowing our water has the highest level of filtering to help avoid those concerns. I am quite sure, by refilling our bottles, we have more than offset any cost associated with the purchase of the system. The big plus is that it is maintenance-free. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves the fresh taste of purely, delicious water.

Kay B, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Google

Great product, great service and great tasting water! We highly recommend EarthSmarteWater. The water test and the taste is definitely what they said it would be like. No chlorine, higher PH, and the taste is far better than any bottled water.

Glen L, EarthSmarte Water of Phoenix Customer
On Google

Had this installed a month ago. It’s made an AMAZING difference in the quality of our sketchy city water – looking at YOU, Citizens! Sweet, clean, odor-free water at every tap – WOW! It’s even descaling our whole-house humidifier, LOL!

Bob W, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Facebook

I love my new water system!!! I drank so much water from ALL of my sinks the day it was installed, that I had to go the bathroom in middle of night like 5 times. I wasn’t mad thou, i was happy to be fully hydrated. I no longer have to buy multiply gallons of water for drinking, my defuser and my humidifier. It’s life changing. The company is so great at customer service and very informative, from the person who sold me on it and the the installer gentlemen. They even cleaned out my dirty ice bucket in my freezer and my shelf. I’d recommend them to anyone. Best service and performance of the product.

Ludka C, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Google

We had a good all-around experience with Heather and the plumbers who installed our EarthSmarte system. Heather is very knowledgeable about water purification and was able to answer all our questions. It takes a bit of getting used to how our shampooed hair feels after a shower, but boy do we enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we’re not absorbing so many contaminants. And being able to drink clean tap water is an absolute joy. We’re saving money in perpetuity on bottled water and don’t have to schlep 5G jugs, plus our water is healthier anyway! All in all, this has been a positive experience and we thank Heather and the guys for excellent service and a top-notch product.

Eric S, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Google

When we moved into our forever home and saw that there was no water softener, and signs of hard water, we were quick to do some research. As an engineer specializing in sustainable design, I wanted a water system that supported long term health of my family. I am all about long warranties and simplifying wherever possible too. This system stood out above the rest as an obvious choice. I can’t stop asking “why isn’t this mainstream yet?” We are several months in and still loving our water. Heather is always available if we have questions, and we have peace of mind knowing that this company has such a good reputation for service.

David C, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer

I love everything about EartheSmarte. The people were very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. The system has been in place 4 months and performing as advertised. I love having fresh water at every tap and not having “soft” water feel. The taste is awesome too!

Mark M, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Facebook

Great family owned company I would highly recommend!

Danny D, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Facebook

Our EarthSmarte water system is wonderful!! Everything from information to installation was presented and handled professionally. We now love drinking tap water that doesn’t upset our stomachs and having no water spots to deal with on dishes and glasses. Our skin feels great after showering! We highly recommend this water system!

Cathy W, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer

From the very beginning my experience with EarthSmart Water was exceptional. The system was explained very well, all appointments were on time and professional. I love my water system!!!! I no longer buy any water. I no longer have build up on my shower heads, faucets, ect. It has saved so much time when cleaning!!! I think the thing I love the most about the system is how my skin feels!!!! Amazing!!!!! I would buy it again in a heartbeat!!!

Denise L, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer

It was awesome we love our new system… service has been great!

Frank N, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer

They were very professional in explaining the system, in how it works, the setup, and anything else we might need to know. When I called with a question, they answered the phone quickly and answered my questions. What makes me happy is I don’t have to do anything with the system for the next 15 years.

Richard J, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Facebook

The healthy benefits of the water and it takes the Chlorine out of the water. I get alkaline spring quality water from every tap in my house. I’m saving money by using EarthSmarte Water and I’ll never have to buy another bottle of water ever again.

Julie H, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Facebook

From the sale to the follow up, getting my salt free system installed has been such an amazing experience for me. The system is good for 20 years and if you have any problems or need anything replaced they will come out and take care of it for you. I have been so happy with this product, my hair is shinny, my skin is not dry anymore. My eighty year old parents come over to my house for water. It pays for itself. Heather was very professional, excellent customer service.

Nina J, EarthSmarte Water of Indiana Customer
On Home Advisor

“I am extremely allergic to chlorine and get extreme redness all over my body, but now, no redness and I have softer skin. Also, the water pressure is great. With the other system we had, the pressure was very slow for years. The taste is so refreshing and it is so clear. I noticed the next day that my hands weren’t dry and cracking. The taste is great!”

Colleen & Al B, EarthSmarte Water of Greater Denver Customers

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